Actually the word “Blaf” in Dutch for a dog is not used when imitating the sound. “Blaf” means “Bark”. “Woef” (big dog, sounds exactly like the English word “Woof”) or “Waf” (small dog) is used to imitate the sound. Just sayin’.

    what does the fox say?

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  1. I could write a novel, and I still don’t think I could cover all the things I love about Caleb.  He was unlike any boy—any person, really—that I’ve ever met before. Everything about him is my favorite thing about him, and somehow that horribly nonsensical idea makes perfect sense to me.

    I remember when I met him in German class last year.  I had no intention of liking him, but I learned pretty quickly that you couldn’t not like Caleb McRoberts.  I tried to ignore the twenty or so shouting boys in my German class, but try as I might, I couldn’t ignore Caleb.  His smile was infectious, and his laugh the cutest thing I have ever heard.  I played it as coolly as I could, but when he asked for my number, I was so giddy.  Our relationship was always interesting.  We were always the perfect mix between best friends and soul mates.  Despite one particularly difficult situation, Caleb and I weathered the storms and have been together for a year.  He never forgave himself for what he’d done even though I did.  He made it his life mission to make amends and did everything within his power to make me happy.  That’s just the way Caleb was.  He wanted to make people happy, even if it meant pushing his own feelings to the side.  No matter what happened, we always found our way back.  When he moved, we thought the distance would be too much, but it only lasted a month at the beginning of the year until we were back to each other.  I would be lying if I said that the year I spent with Caleb wasn’t the best year of my life. 

    I remember one of the first times that Caleb showed me how special he was.  It was February and we’d been on the phone for hours before his phone locked.  I was so disappointed when he randomly hung up the phone.  Not two minutes later, however, I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize.  I didn’t answer, not knowing who it was.  He had called me on his home phone, and he left me a voicemail sheepishly asking me to call him back on that phone “you know…if you want to.”  I didn’t know anyone left voicemails anymore, certainly not teenage boys.  It really hit it home that Caleb was different from any other boy I’d met. 

    It was just his mission to make everyone happy in any way he could.  At every opportunity, he would text me in French even though he didn’t know a word of French.  The Google translate was hilariously bad, but he knew it would put a smile on my face.  Caleb’s dedication to making others happy inspired me daily.  I always tried to make him smile as much as he made me smile.  My method of choice was always cheesy jokes or corny pick up lines.  A good third of our conversations were me telling him cheesy jokes.  On Valentine’s Day I sent him a card I’d made that said “cats go meow, and kittens do too are you FELINE the love between me and you?”  And he huffed.  He always did.  He’d roll his eyes, but I knew he liked them; he told me enough of them throughout our relationship.  Just Sunday at 5:12 PM, I realized I was dating the biggest cheese ball on the planet and I absolutely loved it.  He texted me a math equation and asked me to simplify it.  When you simplify the equation it equals “i less than three u.”  I less than three you.  I heart you.  I love you.  The only thing was he typed the equation wrong, so it didn’t simplify correctly.  I got the point, and it was perhaps the cutest thing ever, but I still had to give him a hard time.

    Caleb was the biggest rascal I’ve ever met.  He had a wicked sense of humor and a passion for giving the ones he loved a hard time.  Caleb and I were going to go to my senior prom together.  I’d already picked out my dress, and I told him not to worry about matching the color, that an all black tuxedo would be just fine.  Of course, he decided to tell me his vest was camo.  I don’t dislike camo at all, it’s just that camo doesn’t really mix well with champagne and isn’t the most formal of patterns.  I knew in my heart that it was not camo.  I knew it, but he was so convincing.  He stuck to his story for a good thirty minutes before telling me it was black.  He was always up to his shenanigans, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the sweetest, most genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Every day I am thankful I was somehow lucky enough to call him mine.  He could make anyone feel loved with just the simplest of actions, and I was no exception.  Over Christmas, we went to dinner and a movie with his mom and step-dad.  Caleb came to the door with flowers (they were his mom’s idea I’m sure, but when I confronted him about them he blushed adorably).  We walked to the car together, and when I noticed him heading to the passenger side, I walked to the driver’s side.  He followed me over, and I was so confused I walked right back to the other side.  We did that maybe three times before he huffed and just got in on the opposite side.  I asked what he was doing, and he said was trying to open the door for me.  Chivalry certainly was not dead with Caleb.

    With even the simplest of words or smiles, he always brought me joy.  I remember the very first time he told me he loved me last March.  I was always so skeptical of people; I couldn’t even return the sentiment until June.  That never deterred him, however.  Whether I said “I love you” or not, it didn’t stop him from making me feel his love.  I realize he was like that with everybody he knew.  There was no end to his love, even for those who didn’t care for him.  And I realized that if you let yourself be loved by Caleb, you would in turn love him equally.

    We may be young and perhaps naïve, but in October, Caleb told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He did.  With any other person, I wouldn’t have believed it, but Caleb’s faith gave me a sense of faith that I’d never really had before I met him.  He made me believe in the goodness of people simply because he himself was so good.  Caleb’s love saved me from myself.  He made me know happiness in a way that I hadn’t ever known happiness.

    One of the things that can bring me solace is knowing he was happy, too.  He has so many friends who care, friends that he loved to the moon and back, and a family about whom he had nothing but nice things to say.  He always talked about his father with such reverence, and his mother with such love.  Caleb was no stranger to pain and sadness, and yet he always thought about others before himself.  He was so selfless.  Caleb is the one of the most wonderful people I’ve known, and as much as it pains me to see him go, he’ll never really be gone.  He’s in the hearts of so many, and there are endless memories of him.  As for myself, I have over 15,000 texts, a million and one memories, and the cutest selfies I’ve ever seen (but maybe I’m a little biased).  There is no one I have ever loved more than my Cay Cay, and may he rest in peace. 

  2. Rien n’est juste dans la vie.

    Ce matin la mère de mon petit-copain m’a appelé pour me dire qu’il y a eu un accident de voiture et il est mort….il n’avait que 16 ans. J’ai mal partout. L’amour de me vie n’est plus là.

    Il m’a dit une fois qu’il voulait passer toute sa vie avec moi et je sais que je passerais toute ma vie avec lui si j’avais l’occasion.

    Je t’aime, mon amour. Je t’aime. Je t’aime. Je t’aime.

  3. "La bouche sourit mal quand les yeux sont en pleurs"

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  4. "Aime-moi moins, mais aime-moi longtemps."

    Les chansons d’amour : J’ai cru entendre (via borddeciel)

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    Adding your two pennies worth: a history of the French Wars of Religion scrupulously annotated with extra information on the fall of Domfront in 1574.

    Médiathèque Jean Jeukens, Bar-le-Duc.

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